You need support when you are going through a breakup

Breaking up is one of the most devastating things you will experience in your life. You can expect to be on an emotional roller coaster from day to day. There will be many days where you will not know if you are on the road to recovery or on the verge of a major set back. 

Healing from a breakup does not have to be a dark and lonely place, but It will be if you do not enlist the love and support of trusted friends and family.

I get it – the last thing you want to do is talk about your relationship ending, but you have to get it out. The best people to talk to are those who love you unconditionally. Your close family and friends love you and they want the best for you – they will be your biggest cheerleaders, because they want you to win. They would much rather be there to support you throughout this process than to know you are taking the journey alone.
Being surrounded by an amazing support team is critical to your success in moving on. Women that do not have support have an increased chance of going back to their ex.

You are guaranteed to find your way back into his life when the feeling emptiness begins to pull you apart emotionally and you want to fill that void. Let’s face it, the feeling of being broken and empty will tear you apart and you will do anything to make the pain stop – even if it means going back to a toxic relationship that is not good for you.

When you have a support team you are surround by love. They make you feel empowered and they help you rediscover who you are as a powerful independent woman.

When you put the time and energy into making sure you are surround by greatness during any period of a set back you have higher chance for winning. When you are a better person you have the ability to attract the entire blessing God has for you – this includes meeting a man that will love and care for you unconditionally the way the God intended for you to be loved.

My mission is to help 1 billion women go from broken and broke to purposeful and paid – thank you for sharing this message with another Queen.

Thank you for sharing!!!

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  1. I m going through a breakup and I have to say the content is excellent. It really has been like a friend holding my hand through the whole terrible emotional landscape of what I ve been going through. This has taught me to take care of myself, listen to myself, focus on myself and spend time away from my ex and try to heal. I only removed one star because the app is a bit glitchy- I ve had a problem with it deleting journal entries a couple times and I also wish the recommended for you changed after you read the articles. Otherwise, content wise, it s incredible and it s really helped me a lot. Thanks you guys for this app. EDIT: I updated my app and many of the glitches went away! Also the mend team is very responsive. Thanks again for everything.

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