What to do on Valentine’s Day when you just broke-up

For those in love, Valentine’s Day is a time to reflect and reconnect. It’s a time to remember the reasons why you fell in love and continue to love each other.
As amazing as Valentine’s Day sounds there are benefits to being single:
Why it’s Better to Be Being Single:

  • You are going to save a ton of money because you don’t have to by gifts.
  • You do not have the stress of planning a romantic day.
  • You can do whatever you want without considering someone else.
  • You can avoid the crowd and lines at restaurants.
  • All of your favorite candy will be on sale the following day – You can stock up and you do not have to share with anyone.

Being single for Valentine’s Day or any holiday can really hit you hard if you allow it to. Now is the time to strategize a plan and celebrate the love you have for you. There is an old saying that goes “the best way to get over an old love is a new love” – and I could not agree more. The person you are going to fall in love with this Valentine’s Day is you. The best part is you know what makes you happy, so planning your day will be super easy.
Being single on Valentine’s Day does not mean your day will not be special. It is actually going to be your best V-Day ever.
Things to do on Valentine’s Day:

  • We all have a celebrity crush. If you can’t think of who your crush would be – he is the guy that would make your Ex uncomfortable when you talked about him. Now grab your popcorn and a few single friends and binge on movies featuring your celebrity crush.
  • Every girl loves flowers and that special delivery does not have to end because you are single. Go online now and place your order with your favorite flower shop – you can even have them delivered to your office (without a name of course).
  • Next you have to find something super cute to wear. Go shopping to find something that makes you look good, because when you look good you feel good.
  • Don’t forget to schedule time to relax, release, and unwind by catching up with other single friends at the spa. There isn’t anything better than being pampered.
  • Don’t worry about tending to your phone or keeping up with what others care doing – use the day to unplug. Limit your cellphone use and do not get on social media. The less you know about what others have going on the better. After all it is all about you today.
  • Most important do something you’ve always wanted to do, but could not do because of your Ex. If there was a cooking class you’ve always wanted to try – now it the perfect time to do it.

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