What to do if I bump into my Ex

The thought of running into your Ex is difficult to imagine, but it best to be prepare yourself in advance. If you or have not relocate to another city better yet state, there is a good chance that you will cross paths at some point. Now is the time to think about how you will respond when this happens.

Since you aren’t together you are both free to begin dating other people. You can expect that he will not be single forever and it will be very uncomfortable running into him or him and his new Bae.

Your first line of defense is to change your routine a bit and avoid going places you two went together. Men are creatures of habit – he will take the new girl to all the places he took you. I get it avoiding the places you love can be frustrating and you are probably annoyed with this idea, but you will not be any happier running into him in favorite lounge with his new girl. You must limit and restrict places,  until you are healed. 

Let’s say you have taken the proper measures to avoid him yet you still cross paths – if space permits head in the opposite direction as soon as you see him.

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot avoid him – play it cool and engage in elevator conversation.  Elevator conversation means to talk about the weather or anything you would talk about with a perfect stranger. The key will be to keep the conversation light and brief – the less you say the better. Do not stick around for too long, because things will be very awkward.

Most important keep a good distance from him and do not allow him to embrace you with a hug or a kiss. It is very common for boyfriends to attempt to reignite old flame and to emotionally break you when they are no longer desired. He will try to draw you back in – even if he doesn’t want a serious relationship with you.

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