What to do about the reminders of your Ex

Get rid of anything that reminds you of your Ex, such as pictures, letters, presents, clothes, and those teddy bears from the carnival.

Pick up a few boxes from your local Home Depot or Lowes and pack all of his things. Once you have finished packing all of his things ask a trusted friend to drop them off or mail his things to his home – Just do not meet him

There are so many memories, which aren’t as easy to give back or throw away; such as graduation gifts or gifts associated this milestones or accomplishments. These items do not need to be thrown in the trash or returned to your Ex, however they must be removed from your home.  You can open a safe deposit box with your local back to store documents and you can also ask a friend to hold on to the memories – only returning them once you have healed.  Keeping memories out of your reach will help you resist looking for them and triggering negative emotions and meltdowns. 

Don’t forget to hit the delete button – removing all old text messages, emails, phone calls, and unwanted photos.  If there are items you must hold on to I get it, but you have to get this thing out of your reach. You must print everything out and store them in your safe deposit box or give them to a friend.  You have to erase all traces of your Ex to begin writing your future. The reality is you cannot do this surrounded by old memories – placing these memories far from your reach will prevent you from getting upset.

Most important do not forget to purge your time line of old pictures and memories. Moving on will require you to let go of the past. You cannot move on with picture of your Ex in your time line.  You cannot meet a new guy and have them take you serious if you have not removed old post and memories of your Ex.

Purging your personal space and life after a breakup isn’t going to be easy – once you have done it you will feel a weight lift off of you and you will feel a whole lot better.

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  1. And, most importantly, remember the dream doesn’t necessarily mean you still have feelings for an ex — in fact, it’s rarely about them at all. “In a nutshell, the ex appeared in your dream to bring you a message you need to know right now,” she says. “Our past shapes who we are in the present. The dreams about our exes bring us reminders that, in order for our current or future relationships to be healthy, we must let go of the pain and negativity, but hold onto the lesson.”

  2. But he s a man, so he doesn t want to tell you he wants you back just yet. He wants to first be reassured that you feel the same. Maybe he texts that he s trying to work out what went wrong. This is your chance to tell him about anything that bothered you about the relationship, and for him to do the same.

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