What should I do immediately after a breakup

Like so many women breaking up was hard for me too. Immediately after a break up you think about the good times and you may question your choice to walk away. If you are like me you may even get to the point of calling your Ex. In the event your calls go unanswered; that next thing you know one simple phone call turns into multiple unanswered calls. Then the thought of being ignored makes your thoughts race and your next response could be to send a text (or multiple messages); this can eventually lead to you having an emotional meltdown. 
Immediately after a break up you feel weak and the pain hurts. You are in a volatile state and may be will do anything – just to make the pain go away. 

I remember looking for ways to fix my broken heart. My journey to healing was far from perfect and I searched high and low for blogs, books, CDs, and mentors. I even stumbled across a book titled Sassy, Single, and Satisfied. I must say the book was pretty phenomenal, but the personal connection was missing for me. I wanted to connect with a story/journey that resonated with me. I wanted to know what I was going through was normal. I wanted to meet someone that could give me a road map. 

One Friday evening I sat on the end of the bed at my BFF’s house. We were putting our outfits together for an event in Philadelphia. In that moment reality hit me and I felt like a frog crawled into my throat – I tried to hold it back, but I had a meltdown. I didn’t want to hide my pain in a room filled with strange people and loud music to drown out my pain. I didn’t want to go to out. I wanted to heal… 

I let out a loud cry “Please God Give Me a Road Map” 

My cry was heard in heaven, because life changed – God began to work in my life, but not in the way I imagined it. Life became more difficult and at times I felt like God had abandoned. Today I know that he did not abandon me he was there hold me the entire time; all the while teaching me survival skills and life lessons. 
Here are a Few Things I learned in that moment. 

6 Things to Remember After A Break UpCut off All Contact with your Ex Ask Friends and Family for Support Do Not Bother with Meeting Anyone ElseDo Not Use Drugs, Alcohol, or Food to Numb the PainDo Not Resort to Violence – Harming Yourself or Another Person will not fix anythingRemove All of His Belongs and Gifts from your Home (Including Pictures) 

I know it all seems cold, but remember the relationship is over. If you are committed to moving forward and seeing what God can do in your life you must commit to doing the work. 

I created this website to be transparent with you, because the truth is everlasting. Most important, It I my hope that billions of other women will use my journey guide to getting their heart together as quickly as possible and release their inner power. 

Years ago I prayed for a road map I didn’t know where to turn or the next step to take. After healing God put it on my heart to share the map that I have tried and tested first hand. As you go read my weekly post I it my hope that you will go through the healing process and be one step closer to being happy, healthy, and whole. 

Thank you for sharing!!!

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