No Contact After a Breakup

The most important rule is to have no contact with your ex until you are healed.
Any contact or reminder of him will prolong the healing process  – causing you to experience mental and emotional suffering. It will feel similar to an old wound being reopened and exposed to salt.
Relationships feel good, because the brain releases dopamine, which is often referred to 

​​ as a feel-good hormone. The brain craves this feeling and wants you to continue pursing activities that will fulfill this desire. Immediately following a breakup the feel-good hormone is no longer being release. This causes your brain to crave the hormone similar to a drug addition. This affects your ability to let go and walk away, because the chemical your body craving is internal. This heightens your desire to continued interactions with your Ex. Most people are unaware of how this feel-good hormone plays a part in their ability or inability to move on after a breakup. The struggle is real – your brain will crave the release of dopamine after a breakup. Every time you reach out to your Ex you have a 50/50 chance getting a fix of the feel-good hormone – your body is chase, but the reality is the relationship fell apart for a reason and you will have to accept and deal with this reality.
The good news is you have control over your brain; the same feel-good hormone is release during exercise. If you aren’t feeling your best after a breakup it can be attributed to a decrease in dopamine. You can simulate the release of dopamine through exercise.
Here is a list of other things you can do to shift your energy and how you are feeling emotionally after a breakup:

  • Spend time with family and friend you can trust
  • Meditate & Pray
  • Spending time doing things you couldn’t do when you were in a relationship
  • Continue your education
  • Start a business
  • Read Books About Healing After a Breakup
  • Partner with a Therapist in your area

I bet you still have more on your mind:
He was the person you shared your life with, the person you wanted to have children with, the person who was always there. You cannot imagine not speaking to him or seeing him. You cannot imagine letting go of all the memories you shared.

Most important; “what if he was the one?” These are very common questions. The reality is you cannot miss what God has for you – both in life and in relationships. If he were apart of God’s plan for your life – you would be with him.No one can force you to let go, get better, and ultimately heal because you have free will. Free will means you are free to choose your response to this breakup.

Although free will gives us the ability to choose how we will respond to life events we do not have the ability choose your consequences. Are you going to choose to continue revisiting old chapter of your life or are you going to keep moving forward to see what God has for you in the next chapter.

Thank you for sharing!!!

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