I’ve been a side chick and I am not in a great place emotionally

Today’s message is about the other woman – I’ve spoken to thousands of women and most are opening to admitting they’ve been cheated on, but next to none will confess to being the other woman.

The truth is we all know someone who has been or is the other woman or maybe you have been the other woman. The reality is cheating can cause emotional turmoil for both the primary woman and the other woman. At some point women get tired of this selfish game to some man play and they want out. The mix of emotions can make it hard to decide which direction to turn.  Often time women find themselves staying because it feels like the easier option.

Moving on can bring it’s own bag of challenges, but most people are able to succeed in  walking away when they are motivated and ready to move on. If they try to do it for anything other reason – it just does not work. The process of walking away can be deeper than any pain you have every experienced. The good news is if you keep pushing the pain will subside and you will find joy, peace, and freedom.

I recall staying with my ex and dealing with infidelities – I was the main chick, but I can assure you the side chick and I were both equally hurt by his selfish choice. I didn’t know how to walk away nor did I want to because I put time into the relationship and I wanted my happily ever after.

My biggest blessing came after I walked away from the relationship. It was the most difficult thing i’ve ever had to do, but it was also the most freeing choice. It felt good to know the he could not hurt me with his lies, broken promises, and shattered dreams.

Years ago I was ashamed to share my story. I thought other women would judge me or think I was less of a woman for tolerating my Ex, but this journey has allow me to see just how much alike we all are. 

I am praying for your continued strength and I want you to know that no matter what happens God has your back.

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