Can I call my Ex if he has a new girlfriend

If you were on the receiving end of a breakup you are probably struggling with accepting the relationship being over. Let’s face it the person that initiates the breakup has had time to process their emotions and accept the outcome of the relationship.

Now that things are over winning him back is all you can think about.  Break ups are complicated and moving on is hard thing you will ever have to do. Getting him back is easy but keeping him and being happy in the relationship is even harder.

After a breakup you must find productive ways to redirect negative feelings and emotions, if you are not working on self-exploration, purging, and doing the work to become the best you.  It will not be long before you are chasing behind your Ex. Knowing he has a new girlfriend will be the fuel that drives you to act out of character and go above and beyond to get him back. 

You may not want to accept it, however you know the break up was the best thing for both of you.  The feeling of loosing him to another women will drive you to exhibit stalker tendencies; if you do not fix your focus and do the work to heal.  Let’s face it when you have planned a life together and the relationship ends it’s really hard to see your life without him and you do not want to see him happy and in love with someone else.
Reasons you are calling him:

  • You cannot accept the relationship is over
  • You do not want him to find happiness with another woman
  • You are still bitter/angry about the relationship ending.
  • You want to reignite old memories in hopes that you can reconcile.
  • You want to cause conflict and confusion in his new relationship

Be real – you are his Ex girlfriend and your intentions are not good.  He has moved on with a new woman and you need to let go. I get it reaching out to him could spark an old flame and you could potentially reconcile. Before you reach out and try to reconcile you must ask – if he were willing to walk away and end it all what would stop him from doing it again. 
More food for thought – if he is willing to entertain you while in a new relationship what makes you think he will be or was faithful to you?
Why he answers when he has a new girlfriend:

  • He wants to make you jealous
  • He wants to roll in the sheets with you
  • His new girlfriend isn’t really feeling him after all and he’s looking for someone to make him feel good.
  • He realizes that grass isn’t greener

Plot Twist and the Outcome

​​ There are a countless number of women that contact me about being the side chick. The common thread in their story is they never intended to be the other woman it just happened.
You are probably wondering how this is relevant to this topic…..

Women are powerful – this power can be used to accomplish great things. This power can also be used to direct and control the emotions of men.  Men do not have the intuition women have; they cannot see when a woman has hidden agenda; such as taking him away from this new girlfriend.  He will continue to entertain your phone calls and more if you allow him to – before you know it you are a “side chick” and it’s your fault.

Break ups are hard and seeing an Ex move on before you is harder.  Initially it may feel like they are winning and you are hurting.  When you do the work you will have happiness and you can have an awesome relationship in the future, but you must focus on rebuilding and reconnecting with you and strengthening your relationship with God after your breakup.

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