Avoid rebound relationships after a breakup

When you are in a relationship you are on an emotional high. I know is sounds odd, but follow me. A number of studies have been conducted over the years and research has shown that emotional withdrawal experienced after a breakup is equivalent to going through withdrawal experienced drug withdrawal.

With that being said the chances of you going back and trying to make it work are pretty high, but the chances of it actually working is extremely low.

The reality is you are clear on why the relationship didn’t work; you also know that the relationship cannot work. 
What you do not know is how to move past the pain. Before we begin I want you to know the pain you are experiencing is totally normal.

No one likes to experience pain, but if you do not do the work to push past the pain and heal yourself now you will be mentally and emotionally imprisoned until you do. If you want to be free to love and have someone love you unconditionally – you must take action now. If you want to be in a happy and healthy relationship – you must choose you now.

Things are not going to get better – they can and will only get worst, if you choose to do nothing. Many years ago I had to learn this truth the hard way. I recall like it was yesterday – God tried to get my attention and force me to walk away, but in my stubbiness I refused to listen. I continued to be disobedient until I almost lost my life.

There are three things you must do today to succeed in walking away:
Have an Exit Strategy: Write down that date you are going to leave, the address to the place you are going to go, make a list of your moving expenses and list five people who will support you through this journey

Get clear on why the relationship is ending: Make a list of your reason for ending the relationship, determine the date and location (a safe place) to inform him of your decision, get emotional do it before you meet with him – do not do it while you are telling him (he can/will talk you out of your decision)

Commit:Commit to moving forward with your decision, make a list of the qualities and characteristic you will require in your next relationship, make a list of the qualities you bring to a relationship, create a growth plan for how you will begin working on you from this day forward

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