In 1996, La’Toya’s parents separated and she moved from Pennsylvania to Delaware. Moving to Delaware was a big challenge because she didn’t know anyone and there was the added financial stress so she had to work.

Growing up, she had a very close relationship with her family; however, everything changed after her parents separated. The separation, caused her to struggle with confidence, self-worth, and depression.


Toxic Relationship

In 1998 La’Toya met a guy she would spend more than seven years with. During the early part of the relationship things were great; however, within a few months he became toxic, controlling and abusive.

Throughout the relationship La’Toya was subjected to mental, emotional, and ultimately physical abuse. She continued the relationship because she was afraid of what would happen to him if she walked away.


Rock Bottom

In 2007, she hit rock bottom and was forced to walk away from the relationship – writing became a tool she used to overcome and ultimately heal from the pain.

She has learned how it feels to be loved and unloved. She vividly recalls being in a place where she did not have enough energy to get out of bed and withdrawling from loved ones and life.

Since her meltdown she has become obsessed with writing. Although she not in the space she was in many years ago, she has discovered the power of journaling and learned that writing allows you to gather thoughts so you can keep a record of the good ones and dump the excess baggage. 

The most important thing she wants you to know is that you are not alone – there are millions of women just like you, struggling with who they are because someone let them down. They have been told they are not enough at some point in their life, or they have been abandoned and they are carrying that baggage with them. Now is the time to dump it. Now is the time to clear out the clutter and step into greatness.

married, and Mother
of two

Now married and a Mother of two La’Toya agrees that the journey is not always glamorous however healing will happen and you can live the life you truly desire when you commit to doing the work.
La’Toya will help you connect with your inner power and love the person you are today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Because you are enough and you are powerful.

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